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Is Thumb sucking/Pacifier use harmful to children's teeth?

Thumb and finger sucking may be normal for very young children, and will generally stop around 2 to 4 years of age. Even though this is quite natural it can be harmful to children’s mouths (chewing/speech/jaw and facial development/airway and breathing.) We understand that this can be a confusing area for parents to navigate and Dr. Amy is here to help as much as possible. Prolonged thumb-sucking, as well as pacifier use, is a common dental issue for kids and can have a negative impact on your child’s smile over time. Most often, babies, toddlers, and small children resort to thumb-sucking or pacifier use as a way to soothe themselves or calm anxiety. While thumb-sucking and pacifier use do have their benefits, they can be detrimental to your child’s dental health if the habit is excessive and continues past the toddler stage.

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